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Harvesting Kal pistachio

Harvesting Kal pistachio is starting in one week. Kal pistachio is popular among pistachio buyers because of green and high quality kernel it has. Padideh Pistachio Company of Sirjan is honored of being able to export green kernels grade A to many countries such as India, Russia, Turkey, the UAE, Spain, and China

8th Pistachio Health Benefits

Reported by PADIDEH PISTACHIO, now read the eighth pistachio health benefits on human: 8.Keep the Eyes Healthy: According to The Department of Agriculture of America, pistachio contains Lutein which prevents demolition of part of the cornea. There is 0.36mg Lutein in 30g pistachio.

7th Pistachio Health benefits

Reported by PADIDEH PISTACHIO, now read the seventh pistachio health benefits on human: 7.No danger of Gallstone: Harward Medical School’s scholars have concluded that by consuming more nuts the danger of Gallstone is less. They’ve found that the women who consumes pistachio the risk of Gallstone is 25% less than those who don’t eat pistachio or eats less […]

55% of Pistachio Production of Iran Belongs to Kerman

55% of Pistachio Production of Iran Belongs to Kerman The head of Iran Pistachio Association said: the pistachio production is expected to be about 200,000mt this year. And 55% of it belongs to Kerman Province. Mohsen Jalalipour with a hint to the last year production (170,000 mt) added: This year the rate will be 10% […]