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Start of Iranian Pistachio exporting (21.Oct.2103)

Getting close to the end of harvesting season, the Iranian pistachio suppliers are starting to export their pistachio. Padideh Pistachio Company of Sirjan has already started exporting Iranian pistachio to the other countries such as China, India, and Australia.

4th pistachio health benefit for human

The studies have shown that the dried fruits such as pistachio, almond, walnut and hazelnut, by having a great deal of Calcium and Phosphorus, not only meet the body’s needs, but help to strengthen the bones and the teeth specially for those who don’t use enough dairy in their diet.

Small, but Full of Energy

Nuts in general are good source of protein, vitamin, and the required mineral materials for human health. Among nuts, pistachio is too important for its nutrition value; and comparing to the other nuts, it plays an essential role in human diet. 

3rd pistachio benefit for the people

According to the studies done in Poly Technique Virginia and State University of America on 72 different products, pistachio and sunflower seeds have more Phyto sterols compared with the other dried fruits.