Iran’s pistachio exports surpass over $85m

Iran’s pistachio exports rose by 4.8 percent in the first quarter of the current Iranian year (started on March 21) comparing to the same period last year, hitting $86.7 million.

The exports grew by 3.7 percent in terms of weight, reaching 10.5 thousand tons. Pistachio was the main goods during the period comparing to other foodstuff.

Exports of all types of Iranian pistachios hit 12.5 thousand tons, $121.6 million.

The UAE, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany and Iraq were the biggest markets for Iranian pistachios during the three months.

Iran produced 160,000 tons of pistachio last year, and the Iranian product is still unique in the Middle East and even in the world in terms of both quality and quantity.

Pistachio is as one of Iran’s largest export items next to oil and gas, earning the country more than $1.5bln hard currency on a yearly basis.

The US has been Iran’s key rival in producing pistachios in recent years, but the Iranian pistachio, which enjoys high health standards and good quality, has beaten the American rival even in the US market for years.

Iran’s pistachio harvest totaled 200 tons in 1964, but the figure increased to 160,800 tons in 2012.

There are only few countries in the world producing pistachio. Turkey and Syria are the only Middle Eastern countries whose output is equal to that of Iran, but of lower quality.

Iran accounts for around 96 per cent of the world’s total saffron production. The country exports saffron to 46 countries, including European and the Persian Gulf countries.

Due to its diverse climate and fertile soil, Iran’s agriculture products are rated among the best in the world with its saffron standing second to none.

Around 300 tons of saffron, which is a spice derived from the flower of the saffron crocus, are produced worldwide each year, with Iran, Spain, India, Greece, Azerbaijan, Morocco and Italy accounting for the largest shares.

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